Low-temperature Thermochronology: Techniques, by Peter W. Reiners, Todd A. Ehlers

By Peter W. Reiners, Todd A. Ehlers

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1994). See Yamada et al. (1998) for comparison of the three techniques in analyzing young zircons. See Donelick et al. (2005) for details and procedures for using a 252Cf source for apatite and Tagami (2005) for procedures of artificial fracturing for zircon. DATA ANALYSIS AND GRAPHICAL DISPLAYS An analytical scheme for single-grain (or grain-by-grain) data obtained by the EDM is briefly presented below. See Wagner and Van den haute (1992) for data analysis of the population method. See Donelick et al.

Track length measurement Analysis of horizontal confined tracks. As defined earlier, and shown in Figure 10, confined tracks are those contained entirely within the boundaries of the crystal being analyzed. For the purpose of measurement, these are etched to be observable with help of two primary types of host features having different geometries, known as Track-in-Track (TINT) and Track-in-Cleavage (TINCLE) (Lal et al. 1969). Laslett et al. (1982) documented that, of various length parameters, the greatest information about the true length distribution can be obtained from the measurement of “horizontal” confined tracks.

Earth Planet Sci Lett 89:335-352 Green PF, Duddy IR (1989) Some comments on paleotemperature estimation from apatite fission track analysis. J Petrol Geol 12:111-114 Green PF, Hurford AJ (1984) Thermal neutron dosimetry for fission track dating. Nucl Tracks 9:232-241 44 Tagami & O’Sullivan Green PF, Duddy IR, Gleadow AJW, Tingate PR, Laslett GM (1986) Thermal annealing of fission tracks in apatite 1. A qualitative description. Chem Geol 59:237-253 Green PF, Duddy IR, Laslett GM (1988) Can fission track annealing in apatite be described by first-order kinetics?

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