Low Hanging Fruit: 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve by Jeremy Eden

By Jeremy Eden

Each day, millions of hidden and neglected difficulties frustrate employees and consumers and, in flip, decrease earnings. the major to discovering and solving those difficulties is to have interaction staff closest to the paintings and closest to the client in new methods to allow them to give a contribution their rules. This booklet offers ideas that, if undefined, will permit staff to reap the entire low striking fruit – and a few that's not so low striking – that might develop gains, make buyers happier, and elevate morale. a few examples of those ideas include:

Rule 15: typically assessment – and forestall – "zombie projects". nobody admits it, yet tasks authorized with fanfare are frequently accomplished even if halfway via it truly is transparent that they won't paintings simply because not anyone desires to say they made a mistake. Killing "zombie projects" saves funds and permits valuable assets to be reallocated to beneficial projects.

Rule 17: Get out of the behavior of constantly doing the easiest task you could! It's counter-intuitive, yet conscientious staff frequently waste money and time attempting to do an exceptional task whilst an outstanding activity is all that's wanted. This rule reveals rules that dispose of well-intentioned "gold plating".

Rule 30: constantly ask, "how are you aware that's true?" not anything kills strong rules speedier than an individual uttering, "customers won't like it" or "operations can't do it" or "it won't pay back". those are usually evaluations now not proof. via easily studying to invite "how can we be aware of that's true?" and significant proof, many completely solid principles will reside to work out the sunshine of day!

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The hula hoop, Chia pet, and other fads usually have a much steeper curve, as illustrated by curve B. As described by the classic Product Lifecycle, it is assumed that a product, whether an item on a restaurant menu or pair of GoreTex boots, evolves through four discrete stages, beginning with the product offering. An assumption of the model is that different types of products have different time frames for each phase. The predictability of how competition, consumer tastes, and new technological innovations affect these phases is one of the challenges that a CEO or other decision maker faces.

5085_ch02 Page 39 Wednesday, February 13, 2002 10:37 AM PROPOSITION 2 Product Lifecycle Give me your intuition of the present and I’ll give you the past and the future. ) The consumer should not always take at face value slogans promulgated by Madison Avenue that products embodying leading-edge technology save time and money. To the contrary, leading-edge technology is not only a time and resource sink, but fraught with risk as well. In this regard, the alchemical conversion of an idea into a product, like the Darwinian adaptation of a species, is rarely perfect on the first iteration.

In this context, the Continuum model is relevant to modern business operations because it makes explicit the dynamic tension between magic and technology for the major players or stakeholders involved—product development, marketing, sales, corporate management, and customers. The person who must communicate the company’s vision of the product must also address the expectations and interests of all these different groups, each with its own viewpoint and agenda. Here again, the model helps the communicator preserve the original magic through the product actualization process.

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