Lets Read and Write in English 2/Давайте читать и писать by Ken Methold/Кен Метолд

By Ken Methold/Кен Метолд

.Сборник рассказов на английском языке shall we learn and Write in English состоит из four книг. В сборник помещены короткие рассказа, кроссворды, закономерные задачи.В сборник помещены короткие рассказы, кроссворды, закономерные задачи. Рассказы сопровождаются упражнениями, которые поспособствуют усвоить новые слова и научиться гораздо лучше читать и писать по-английски. Ответы к упражнениям и творческим заданиям делают сборник уютным подобно и для самостоятельного изыскания английского языка. Рассказы адресованы учащимся 5-7 классов общеобразовательных учреждений при начале обучения с five класса. Книга создана носителями английского языка; издается в РФ издательством Титул по лицензии.

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In France itself, the population was still fighting against the economic deprivations following World War II. Another colonial war, in Indochina was attracting more interest. The French political and military authorities hid or denied the exactions. No sanctions were taken or even envisaged at any level against those responsible for the massacre and related torture. 22 23 Chapter 1 24 On 9 May 945, between 8 000 and 0 000 Algerians were massacred by the French army to crush a rebellion in Sétif and other Algerian towns.

Up to two million French military forces fought during the war. French military deaths are estimated at 25 000, plus 65 000 injured and 485 disappearances The undeclared war caused 2 788 deaths, 7 54 injured and 875 disappearances in the French civilian population in Algeria. Algerian deaths are estimated at 500 000. The practice of torture by the French army or police during the war was only revealed in 2 000 and later, through testimonies of victims and confessions of torturers. Following the 962 ceasefire, most of the French settlers left Algeria for France in an unstoppable exodus.

New York Times reporters were told by former soldiers that they had done what they were told to do and that their superiors knew what they were doing. According to Nicholas Turse, a researcher, these atrocities were merely the ‘tip of the iceberg in regard to US-perpetrated war crimes in Vietnam’. 26 Justice denied: the Guantanamo detainees Since the beginning of US military operations in Afghanistan in October 200, launched in response to the terrorist attacks of  September 200, thousands 25 26 Chapter 1 of persons have been detained by anti-Taliban Afghan forces and by US armed forces.

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