Layered Intrusions by Bernard Charlier, Olivier Namur, Rais Latypov, Christian

By Bernard Charlier, Olivier Namur, Rais Latypov, Christian Tegner

This edited paintings includes the latest advances relating to the examine of layered intrusions and cumulate rocks formation. the 1st a part of this booklet provides experiences and new perspectives of tactics generating the textural, mineralogical and geochemical features of layered igneous rocks. the second one half summarizes growth within the research of chosen layered intrusions and their ore deposits from assorted elements of the area together with Canada, Southwest China, Greenland and South Africa.

Thirty specialists have contributed to this replace on fresh study on Layered Intrusions. This hugely informative booklet will supply perception for researchers with an curiosity in geology, igneous petrology, geochemistry and mineral resources.

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2005). The Reef is highly variable in thickness, structure, and texture and it can display strong vertical and lateral lithologic variations (Smith et al. 2003; Mitchell and Scoon 2007). , Barnes and Maier 2002; Smith et al. 2003; Cawthorn and Boerst 2006). The footwall to “normal” Reef facies varies from norite to anorthosite and the hanging wall is typically orthopyroxenite. The Merensky Reef in the Eastern limb shares some structural and compositional similarities with the classic localities described from the Western limb, although it is also characterized by some important differences.

All handpicked zircon grains were anhedral, clear, colorless to light pink, devoid of mineral and fluid inclusions, and ~ 50 μm in diameter. Prior to dissolution, the zircon grains were annealed and chemically abraded following the procedures outlined in Mattinson (2005). The zircon grains selected for CA-TIMS analysis were annealed in quartz glass crucibles in a muffle furnace at 900°C for 60 h. They were transferred into 10 mL Pyrex® beakers, agitated in ultrapure 3 N HNO3 in an ultrasonic cleaner for 15 min, warmed to 60 ± 10°C for 30 min, and rinsed with ultrapure acetone and water.

The age of the Bushveld Complex and of these major min- 1 Geochronology of Layered Intrusions 33 Fig. 75 cm in diameter). 25 cm in diameter. b Orthopyroxenite pegmatite, Peridotite zone (Chrome Mountain). c Clinopyroxene-bearing orthopyroxenite, Bronzitite zone (Chrome Mountain). d Gabbronorite, Gabbronorite-I ( below J-M Reef), Lower Banded Series (West Fork); note that this is the sample locality of STL-100 from DePaolo and Wasserburg (1979). e Anorthosite with large orthopyroxene oikocrysts, Anorthosite-I, Middle Banded Series (Picket Pin).

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