Kolin 1757: Frederick the Great’s First Defeat (Campaign, by Simon Millar

By Simon Millar

Osprey's exam of the hugely devastating conflict of the Seven Years' battle (1756-1763). In may perhaps of 1757 Frederick the nice invaded Bohemia, smashed an Austrian military outdoor Prague and bottled it up within the urban. The Empress Maria Theresa sent Marshal Daun with 60,000 males to avoid wasting the Empire's moment urban. Frederick had gained a string of victories over the Austrians and used to be confident his males could consistently triumph. even though outnumbered he attacked, however the Austrians have been ready. His military was once defeated and compelled to withdraw. As his veterans commented, 'they weren't the standard Austrians at all'. Simon Millar exhibits how Frederick's overconfidence proved his undoing at Kolin.

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