Jedi Escape by Liza Baker

By Liza Baker

Kid's celebrity Wars

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Settling into new school/ getting accustomed to educational system. Concerns about (re-)adapting to Japanese system on return. Lack of guidance from school about Japanese and English and educational issues. L1 and L2, and Language mixing Delay in both languages. Desire to know what is 'normal' in each language. Which language to speak to the child? L1 (Japanese): Negative effects of L2 on L1 L1 loss. Slow L1 development. Slow development of literacy in L1. Restricted contacts with other Japanese speakers.

In such circumstances, this book tries to scrutinise the situation in which Japanese children are exposed linguistically, educationally and socially, by treating the UK situation as a case study of Japanese families whose employment makes them temporary resident in foreign countries. This volume compiles the expertise and experience of people who have close knowledge of the Japanese population in the UK, whose contributions in the chapters that follow range from research reports to personal testimony.

5% of the estimated total number of Japanese children in the UK. The questionnaire was written in Japanese, and had 42 questions. ) Results of the survey The major results of this survey are introduced briefly here. Regarding the Japanese parents' language policy during the period when they are in the UK, the majority of the parents either think that the Japanese and English languages are equally important or that Japanese is more important. The latter view seems to be held more by the parents of pre-school children.

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