Jane Austen's Novels: A Study in Structure by Andrew H Wright

By Andrew H Wright

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You can find a fairly cheap lunch, and how long you spend at it is up to you. You will have a superb view of Manhattan as you walk up toward Stevens Institute, and you will easily find the spot from which Johnny sailed over there. After he came marching home, and the confiscated German liners rusted at their piers, this was the locale of Chris's stage career. You will have to forgive the intrusive gentility. Hoboken is rapidly shooting up-scale, so let us go back to Manhattan. Chris often mentions the sunlight flashing off the lightning-bolts on the statue atop the Telephone and Telegraph Building on Broadway.

Many a poet has come to her in the wooing passion. Give him six months, he is merely her Platonist. He lives content with placid companionship. Where are his adjectives, his verbs? That inward knot of amazement, what speech can unravel it? Her air, when it is typical, is light, dry, cool. It is pale, it is faintly tinctured with pearl and opal. Heaven is unbelievably remote; the city itself daring so high, heaven lifts in a cautious remove. Light and shadow are fantastically banded, striped, and patchworked among her cavern streets; a cool, deep gloom is cut across with fierce jags and blinks of brightness.

We laid a romantic course due east along 35th Street, Titania humming a little snatch from an English music-hall song that once amused us: "My old man's a fireman Now what do you think of that? " She always quotes this to me when (she says) I wear my hat too far on the back of my head. The cross slope of Murray Hill drops steeply downward after one leaves Madison Avenue. We dipped into a region that has always been very fascinating to me. Under the roaring L, past dingy saloons, animal shops, tinsmiths, and painless dentists, past the old dismantled Manhattan hospital.

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