Invergordon by Jim Hughes

By Jim Hughes

Airfield concentration is a undertaking that intends to hide the background of all of the airfields, aerodromes and airports in the U.K.

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54 Radiation Processes and the author at The University of M i ~ h i g a n ; ~ * ”Steve ? 23) in which w(s) is the mean equivalent width of the spectral lines, and 6 is their mean spacing in the interval 6v >> ‘y. There are a number of approximations that can be used in the evaluation of the mean equivalent width for a nonisothermal body of radiating gas. Because of the high temperatures in an exhaust plume resulting in many rotational and vibrational states being populated, the assumption of randomly located lines with a selected probability distribution in line strengths is usually taken in the statistical band model.

AFRPL-TR-74-65 (1974). 1. *Sources of such data are discussed in Chapter 14. References 37 Fig. 19. Shock wave attached to vehicle. 1 Origin of Emission Rocket exhaust plume emission is generally thermal in character, arising from changes in the internal energy of the constituent molecules, the products of combustion. Those changes in the molecular energy levels are accompanied by the emission of radiation, provided certain quantum-mechanicalconditions are met. A hierarchy of the emissive processes is schematically illustrated in Fig.

Thus, the emission from such combustion products is representative of thermodynamic equilibrium. On the other hand, when reactions occur at very low pressures, spontaneous emission from a product of a reaction can precede energy transfer by collision, and is not representative of a system in equilibrium characterized by a single value of temperature. In plume phenomenology, the reactions that can generate chemiluminescence are encountered in the mixing layer at very high altitudes. There the exhaust species can react with atmospheric components, principally atomic oxygen.

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