Internal Gravity Waves by Bruce R. Sutherland

By Bruce R. Sutherland

The examine of inner gravity waves presents many demanding situations: they flow alongside interfaces in addition to in absolutely 3-dimensional house, at quite quickly temporal and small spatial scales, making them tricky to watch and unravel in climate and weather types. fixing the equations describing their evolution poses numerous mathematical demanding situations linked to singular boundary price difficulties and big amplitude dynamics. This e-book offers the 1st complete therapy of the idea for small and massive amplitude inner gravity waves. Over one hundred twenty schematics, numerical simulations and laboratory photos illustrate the idea and mathematical suggestions, and a hundred thirty routines allow the reader to use their realizing of the idea. this can be a useful unmarried source for tutorial researchers and graduate scholars learning the movement of waves in the surroundings and ocean, and in addition mathematicians, physicists and engineers drawn to the houses of propagating, starting to be and breaking waves.

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The vertical momentum equation can be recast in terms of ρ rather than θ using the relation (see Exercises) ρ/ 0 = −θ/ϑ0 . 78) The minus sign is consistent with an increase in density corresponding to a decrease in temperature. 13 Conservation of angular momentum 43 density and potential temperature gradients: 1 dρ 1 dθ =− . 67). The equivalence of the Boussinesq equations for a gas and liquid is an important result. For one thing, it means that one can perform laboratory experiments using salt-stratified water to simulate the dynamics of internal waves in the atmosphere that have small vertical extent compared with the density scale height.

These equations are also useful in numerical simulations of internal gravity waves: without having to resolve the fast dynamics of sound, numerical simulations can take longer time steps without becoming numerically unstable. Eliminating sound waves is done through what are called the ‘Boussinesq’ and ‘anelastic’ approximations. The former assumes that the background density varies vertically by a relatively small amount, as in the ocean; the latter allows the background density to vary by a large fraction of itself, as in the atmosphere over vertical distances comparable to the density scale height.

This means the air at the ground has an actual temperature of 300 K (or about 27◦ C). The air 100 m above has a lower temperature because the pressure is lower there. However, if this air was pushed to the ground, we know its pressure and temperature would increase to match those of the surrounding air. The ideal gas law therefore predicts that the parcel’s density would be the same as its surroundings and so it would not experience any buoyancy forces. 8 K/km. This is known as the ‘adiabatic lapse rate’.

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