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Opioid Analgesics: Chemistry and Receptors

The swiftly burgeoning examine of the earlier twenty years on agonist-antagonist analgesics and opioid receptors makes this exhaustive overview of opioid anal­ gesics relatively correct and well timed. After an introductory bankruptcy the extra 12 chapters commence logically with morphine and congeners (4- epoxymorphinans) and finish with opioid receptors.

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This is in three sections dealing with (1) chemicals, (2) packaging and bulk shipping, and (3) equipment. GUIDES 47 In addition to the buyers' guides and directories, trade names can be located in many standard lists, such as Gardner and Cook's Chemical Synonyms, Haynes' Chemical Trade Names and Chemical Synonyms, and Zimmerman and Lavine's Handbook of Material Trade Names, and the Merck Index, Chemical prices can be found in many of the specialist journals Oil Paint and Drug Reporter, particularly its annual Hi-Lo Chemical Price Issue, Chemical Industries, Chemical Engineering, Rubber Age, American Perfumer, Chemical and Engineering News, and the Dyer.

The most important periodicals of this type are the Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de VAcademie des Sciences (Paris, 1835-), Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR (Moscow, 1828-), Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR (Moscow, 1836-), Nature (London, 1873-), Naturwissenschaften (Berlin, 1886-), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (London, 1665-), the Proceedings of the Royal Society (London, 1800-), and Science (Washington, 1883-). Other general science periodicals of a more popular nature but still of importance are Discovery (London, 1920-), Endeavour (London, 1942-), New Scientist (London, 1956-), Research (London, 1947-), Science Progress (London, 1906-) and Scientific Monthly (New York, 1915-).

It is, however, an outlier or affiliated library of the National Central Library. It has valuable stocks of translations of scientific works from many languages, particularly Russian. Its List of Accessions to the Library consists of four weekly issues published together every month. Arranged by the Universal Decimal Classification it catalogues all new books and journals received by the library during that period. Many of the functions of the Science Museum Library have now been taken over by the newly formed National Lending Library for Science and Technology which has assumed responsibility for the rapid provision of literature covering the whole field of science and technology including agriculture and medicine in all languages.

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