ICTS Assessment of Professional Teaching Tests 101-104 by Sharon Wynne

By Sharon Wynne

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Frequently they are also involved with the student’s family. As a last resort, many families are turning to drug therapy. Once viewed as a radical step, administering drugs to children to balance their emotions or control their behavior has become a widely used form of therapy. Of course, only a medical doctor can prescribe such drugs. Great care must be exercised when giving pills to children in order to change their behavior, especially since so many medicines have undesirable side effects. It is important to know that these drugs relieve only the symptoms of behavior and do not get at the underlying causes.

On the other hand, a young student’s limited comprehension may inhibit some of their confidence (emotional) or conflict with values taught at home (moral). Joke telling (linguistic) becomes popular with children age six or seven, and children may use this newly discovered “talent” to gain friends or social “stature” in their class (social). Learning within one domain often spills over into other areas for young students. Likewise, learning continues to affect all domains as a child grows. Adolescence is a complex stage of life.

The effective teacher plans his/her learning activities to introduce them in a meaningful instructional sequence. Teachers should combine instructional activities as to reinforce information by providing students with relevant learning experiences through instructional activities. Educators have recognized the necessity to more closely integrate academic and vocational learning, as the transition from school to work has proven a rocky road for students of the 21st century. With heavy academic loads and pressures to perform well on mandated tests, students find it increasingly difficult to find relevance in and connect to instructional content and apply it to their lives and the world around them.

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