How to Take the Grr out of Anger by Elizabeth Verdick

By Elizabeth Verdick

Packed with sturdy details, sound suggestion, and humor, this publication is helping children comprehend anger and the way to deal with it in fit, optimistic methods. It publications them to appreciate that anger is a standard a part of existence, yet violence isn't really applicable.

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Next time you’re mad, take a moment to notice the ways your body reacts. Those are your warning signs. ” 36 STEP 3 Stop and think. Anger is a tricky emotion. ” That’s because anger is often a mask that hides another feeling. Anger is sometimes a cover-up for: * frustration * fear * sadness * shame * disappointment * jealousy * guilt Why the disguise? It might be because those other feelings are hard to face or talk about. It’s easier to get mad than to admit to yourself that you might be disappointed, jealous of someone, or ashamed of something you did.

Then you can follow the six steps . . 56 STEP 1 Get yourself ready for a talk. Clear your mind of angry words and decide if you’re REALLY ready to talk things through with the person. Take a few deep breaths if you need to. Do you feel nervous or upset about confronting the person? Keep in mind that talking things over is one of the best ways to solve problems. You’re doing the right thing! STEP 2 Say what the problem is. Suppose a close friend spilled one of your secrets. You’re mad and you feel that you can’t trust your friend anymore.

You deserve to be treated better than that. 22 Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Beating yourself up doesn’t help—and neither does beating up someone else. It’s okay to be angry. Everybody gets angry sometimes. It’s part of being human. You might get mad at someone else. You might get mad at yourself. Sometimes, you might even feel mad at the world. But if you . . * get mad at people super fast, * break stuff when you’re mad, * hurt others because of your anger, * feel angry with yourself most of the time, * spend your life being cranky or crabby Or .

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