Greater Harad (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP, No. 3111) by William E. Wilson, Angus McBride

By William E. Wilson, Angus McBride

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Four trade routes converge on the city’s walls. The Y01 Deve (the Camel Road), starting in Tresti to the west, passes just south of Ti31 POac to arrive many leagues further east at Tfil Harar in the lands of Sirayn. The Kek Yanan, from the desert city An Karagmir, the Y01 Shand, from the twin oases Shand Tulaim, and the Y01 Chennacatt from the southem province of that name, all intersect the Y01 Deve in the vicinity of Ti31 POac. The city is an important link between all the regions of the South: Near, Far, and Greater Harad.

1457. Some say that the twisted ghosts of the murdered roam the streets at night. C A R AVA N G ROUNDS Outside of the city gates to the north lies the grounds of the caravan masters. Elaborate tents flying banners, herds of goats, and strings of camels or mules fil1 the flattened area. A cluster of Caravan Halls, used by merchants to store newly unpacked goods, by city officials while they figure tariffs due, and by caravan masters requiring neutral ground on which to negotiate with mercantile rivals and enemies.

SELEN HASKAS Lvl: 17 Hits: 155 AT: Ch/13(75) Race: Earth Spirit (Maia). Profession: MagelAstrologerTWarriorPighter. Home: Till Isra; travels all of Sirayn. RM Stats: CollO; SD%; Ag103; Me88; Re100; St107; Qull5; Prl14; In 102; EmlOl. Appearance: 74. Skills: 1-HE 160; Bow 160; Climb 84; Ride 86; Swim 78; Locks/Traps 70; Stalk 70; Hide 50; Percep 105; Runes/ Staves 80; Ambush 10. PRINCIPAL ITEMS Faranj -+50 Holy weapon; of slaying vs. minions of Sauron. Composite Bow -+35 Holy weapon; of slaying vs.

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