Granite-Related Ore Deposits (Geological Society Special by A. N. Sial, J. S. Bettencourt, C. P. De Campos, V. P.

By A. N. Sial, J. S. Bettencourt, C. P. De Campos, V. P. Ferreira

This quantity brings jointly a set of papers that summarize present rules and up to date development within the research of granite-related mineralization platforms. they supply a mixture of box, experimental and theoretical experiences. Papers are grouped in response to the most granite-related ore structures: granite-pegmatite, skarn and greisen-veins, porphyry, orogenic gold, intrusion-related, epithermal and porphyry-related gold and base steel, iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG), and designated case stories. The experiences supply a huge unfold when it comes to either house and time, highlighting granite-related ore deposits from Europe (Russia, Sweden, Croatia and Turkey) , the center East (Iran), Asia (Japan and China) and South the USA (Brazil and Argentina) and spanning rocks from Palaeoproterozoic to Miocene in age.

The Geological Society of London

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The many parts within which we post in include:

-Petroleum geology
-Tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics
-Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology
-Volcanology, magmatic reports and geochemistry
-Remote sensing
-History of geology
-Regional geology guides

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N. 1992. Pressure, temperature and time constraints on Himalayan metamorphism from eastern Kashmir and western Zanskar. Journal of the Geological Society, 149, 753– 773. Shmakin, B. , Zagorsky, V. E. & Makagon, V. M. 2007. 4: Rare-earth Pegmatites. Pegmatites of Unusual Composition. ‘Nauka’, Novosibirsk [in Russian]. Shroder, J. , Jr. & Bishop, M. P. 2000. Unroofing of the Nanga Parbat Himalaya. In: Khan, M. , Treloar, P. , Searle, M. P. & Jan, M. Q. (eds) Tectonics of the Nanga Parbat Syntaxis and the Western Himalaya.

G1 supersuite (630–585 Ma) mainly consists of tonalite to granodiorite, with mafic to dioritic facies and enclaves, representing a continental calc-alkaline magmatic arc. G2 supersuite mostly includes S-type granites formed during the syn-collisional stage (585–560 Ma), from relatively shallow two-mica granites and related gem-rich pegmatites to deep garnet-biotite granites that are the site of yellow dimension stone deposits. The typical G3 rocks (545–525 Ma) are non-foliated garnet-cordierite leucogranites, making up autochthonous patches and veins.

2007). If this is the case, neossomes of cordierite – garnet leucogranite overprinting the foliation of the garnet-two-mica granite remains an open question. A possible explanation could be related to the presence of huge G5 intrusions close to garnet-two-mica granite bodies. In this case the cordierite –garnet neossomes could have resulted from dehydrating migmatization in contact aureoles (see section on G3 supersuite). Actually, those foliated garnet-two-mica granite bodies provide interesting problems to solve.

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