Geological Atlas of Africa: With Notes on Stratigraphy, by Thomas Schlüter

By Thomas Schlüter

Here is the hot variation of the 1st try and summarize the geology of Africa through featuring it in an atlas and to synthesize the stratigraphy, tectonics, monetary geology, geohazards and geosites of every nation and territory of the continent. additionally, the digitized geological maps are correlated and harmonized in keeping with the present stratigraphic timetable. The atlas goals to give a contribution to skill construction in African Earth Sciences and to help the initiation of analysis and let the success of monetary possibilities by means of delivering a database of uncomplicated geological historical past details.

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Zone 1 indicates a signature of Pan-African tectonothermal activity. For Zone 2 in northwestern Benin a Kibaran activity has been recorded, but Pan-African ages are also evidenced in other parts of the region. Geochronological data on granites, orthogneisses, migmatites and granulite facies rocks of Zone 3 suggest that these rocks have been affected by three orogenic events, including phases of the Eburnean, Kibaran and Pan-African activities. Ages obtained from granitic rocks of Zone 4 (and 5) indicate predominantly Pan-African activities.

P. & Mapeo, R. B. M. - Journal African Earth Siences 30, 579-587; Oxford. Key, R. M. & Ayres, N. - Journal African Earth Siences 30 (3), 427-452; Oxford. Ramokate, L. , Mapeo, R. B. , Corfu, F. & Kampunzu, A. B. - Journal African Earth Siences 30 (3), 453-466; Oxford. Turner, D. , Kampunzu, A. B. & Wendorff, M. - Journal African Earth Siences 30 (3), Special issue and CD-ROM, V-VII, 427771; Oxford. Burkina Faso 1 General Area: 274,200 km² Population: 11,946,000 (July 2000 estimate) 2 Summary of Geology Burkina Faso is predominantly underlain by rocks of the Guinea Rise, which borders the Gulf of Guinea and extends from Sierra Leone in the west to Ghana in the east.

3 Stratigraphy and Tectonics Crystalline rocks in Benin and Togo are generally considered as belonging to the Dahomeyide Orogen, which is located along the southeastern margin of the West African Craton. The following rock types have been recognized within this fold belt: metasandstones, schists, metasilexites, metasiltstones, metaconglomerates, metatillites, carbonate rocks or marbles, ultramafic rocks, metajaspillites, metahematites, quartzites, quartz schists, micaschists, gneisses, migmatites, amphibolites, granites, charnockites, eclogites, metabasalts, calc-silicate rocks and pyroxenites.

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