Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate by James Rodger Fleming

By James Rodger Fleming

Because the alarm over worldwide warming spreads, radical rules are taking carry: if cuts in greenhouse fuel emissions are inadequate, let's use reflective nanoparticles to bop solar at once into house or release mirrors into orbit round the earth. shall we make clouds thicker and brighter or encompass Arctic sea ice with a major plastic flotilla. but whereas those proposals appear edgy and fascinating, they typically try out the bounds of clinical threat and put out of your mind the political, moral, and social effects of weather administration. Revisiting over a century of efforts at climate and weather keep an eye on, James Rodger Fleming indicates what can occur while solving the sky turns into a perilous test in pseudoscience.

Fleming's soaking up heritage is full of scientists, infantrymen, and salesmen who're both the sufferers to hubris or have perpetuated historical climate and weather myths. Weaving jointly tales from elite technology, state of the art expertise, and pop culture, Fleming examines problems with well-being and navigation within the 1830s, drought within the Nineties, plane security within the Thirties, and global clash because the Forties. Killer hurricanes, ozone depletion, and international warming gas the fantasies of at the present time. in accordance with archival and first study, Fleming's compelling and hugely unique tale speaks to a person who has a stake in maintaining the planet.

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