F4F Wildcat by Richard Dann, Joe Sewell, Don Greer, Michael Bobe

By Richard Dann, Joe Sewell, Don Greer, Michael Bobe

"""F4F Wildcat stroll round

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First hit were the Border Guards in the western districts, but all other divisions in military districts facing the German advances came under almost immediate attack. Over one thousand Soviet aircraft were destroyed on the ground in the first German air strikes. In scattered spots, the Soviets put up a heroic struggle, as at Brest on the Polish border, but in general, Soviet resistance fell apart. In the first three weeks, German troops advanced 500 kilometers on the northern front, 550 kilometers on the central front, and 300 to 350 kilometers on the southern front.

Zhukov as members. On 19 July Stalin became people’s commissar of defense and, on 8 August, supreme commander in chief of the Armed Forces. At this time Stavka was renamed Stavka of the Supreme High Com­ mand (Verkhovnoye Glavnokomandovaniye) or, as it commonly was called, Stavka of the VGK. 56 24 Prologue The General Staff acted as the executive agency for Stavka. At the begin­ ning of the war, this staff was headed by G. K. Zhukov. In July 1941, Zhukov was sent out to command a front and replaced by B.

56. Vasilevskiy, Delo Vsey Zhizni, pp. 127, 5 35, 5 38. 57. See, for example, V. G. Kulikov, “The Brain of the Army,” Pravda, 13 November 1974. For an English translation, see William F. S. Government Printing Office, 1977), pp. 185-191. 58. M. V. Zakharov, “The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union,” p. 291. Also see Scott, Selected Soviet Military Writings. 59. For one of the many accounts of the Battle of Stalingrad, see G. K. Zhukov, Vospominaniya i Razmyshleniya [Reminiscences and Reflections] (Moscow: Novosti Press, 1974), pp.

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