Exploring maths: Tier 1 ~ Teacher's book by Jonathan Longstaffe, Tony Fisher, Anita Straker, Rosalyn

By Jonathan Longstaffe, Tony Fisher, Anita Straker, Rosalyn Hyde, Sue Jennings

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To add numbers in columns, line up the digits with units under units, tens under tens, … Starter Say that this lesson is about written methods for adding. Ask pupils to write on their whiteboards six different numbers from 8 to 18 inclusive. 1. This shows two six-sided dice numbered from 4 to 9. TO Roll both dice. Ask pupils to find the sum. If this is one of the numbers they have written on their whiteboards, they cross out the number. The first to cross out all their numbers wins the game. Main activity Say that some addition calculations are too hard to do mentally.

10p 11p 0 What the three coins could be ✘ 5p 5p 1p 10p 2p 1p 12p …………………………………………… 13p c Here are three different cards. 14p 5 8 3 15p 16p What is the biggest number you can show with these cards? 17p 18p 6 2 2002 level 3 a Add together 156 and 417. 1997 KS2 level 3 b Subtract 192 from 638. Write these numbers in order of size. 456 299 901 472 575 Adding and subtracting (calculator allowed) 7 Beth sells comics. Ali buys one Magna and one Mindy. He gives Beth 50p. smallest 3 1995 KS2 level 3 How much change will he get?

Main activity Say that some subtraction calculations are too hard to do mentally. Write 94 Ϫ 57 on the board. Establish an approximate answer of 90 Ϫ 60 ϭ 30. Introduce or remind pupils of the method on the right of ‘counting up’ from the smaller to the larger number. This avoids any need for ‘exchanging’ or ‘borrowing’ and relates closely to counting up on the number line. Stress the need to write digits in their correct columns. Compare the answer with the estimate. 94 Ϫ 57 3 to make 60 30 to make 90 4 to make 94 37 Demonstrate another example, then ask pupils to try one or two for themselves.

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