Existence of ground states and free-boundary problems for by Conti M., Gazzola F.

By Conti M., Gazzola F.

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If H is empty, the lemma is trivial. If H has no vertices, we can create two vertices by a 0 → 2 move. Encircle each vertex of H by a closed curve: this set of n curves intersects H at most 4n times and decomposes S into n blocks of the first type and a surface S whose Euler characteristic is χ(S) − n. If H = H ∩ S contains parallel edges, we apply O(n) 0 → 2-moves in order to replace each set of parallel edges by a single edge branching only in the neighborhood of ∂S . Then we add one curve per component of ∂S in order to enclose all these trivalent vertices in annular regions.

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