DNA engineering: properties and applications by Kenji Mizoguchi, Hirokazu Sakamoto

By Kenji Mizoguchi, Hirokazu Sakamoto

This ebook offers uncomplicated information regarding DNA, besides finished theoretical advent to DNA. It discusses fresh advancements in divalent-metal-ion inserted M-DNA advanced, which supplies upward thrust to the opportunity of DNA program to digital performance. additional, the booklet describes 3 examples of functions: optical and electric fabrics, digital units akin to bioTFT reminiscence and color-tunable light-emitting diodes, and biofuel telephone software with use of proton conduction in DNA.

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The absorption spectra of B-form DNA film are compared with those of DNA solution in Fig. 7. 4 eV, which would be caused by the broadening of the π electron bandwidth. Omerzu and colleagues found a similar redshift and the broadening of the absorption spectrum of the DNA film from the solution with EDTA in the calf thymus (sigma) DNA [46]. These changes are a kind of solid state effect. They interpreted that these changes were caused by the structural transformation from the more ordered Bform to the less ordered A-form.

1 Major marker bands for A-form and B-form A-form (cm−1 ) B-form (cm−1 ) Assignment 1705 1715 Base molecule 1418 1425 Sugar group 1240 1225 Asymmetric stretching PO− 2 882, 864 840 Sugar group infrared spectra [110, 118–120]. For DNA studies, the marker band makes infrared experiment convenient to confirm the structural property influenced by environmental factors. 1. Relative humidity varies water content corresponding to hydration strength in DNA double helix. Under high humid conditions, DNA fiber and film take B-form at room temperature.

DNAEngineering July 14, 2016 13:53 PSP Book - 9in x 6in DNAEngineering Examples of DNA Engineering In connection with the location of the metal ions, Lee and colleagues reported the effect of base composition and sequence on the rate of Zn ion insertion as shown in Fig. 8. The insertion rate of Zn2+ into the three bacterial DNAs, Clostridium perfrengens DNA, E. coli DNA, and Micrococcus luteus DNA, showed similar kinetics with each other. In contrast, remarkable differences were observed in several synthetic DNAs.

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