Dictionary of Military Terms: Over 6,000 Words Clearly by Richard Bowyer

By Richard Bowyer

English is the language most often utilized in foreign army and peacekeeping operations. This dictionary includes over 6,000 entries delivering updated insurance of British, American and foreign army vocabulary, together with education, team of workers, logistics, manoeuvres, automobiles, strategies, instructions, guns and equipment.Supplements contain the phonetic alphabet, ranks, formal orders and army grouping symbols. 

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Beat /bi t/ verb 1. to hit something repeatedly ˽ to beat someone up to injure beat a person by repeated punching and kicking ć he was badly beaten up 2. to win a victory over someone else ć We’ve been beaten. (NOTE: beating – have beaten) binoculars has now been largely replaced by the verb invest. Betalight / bi tə lat/ trademark a Betalight | trademark for a tiny hand-held apparatus, containing a luminous substance which gives off a very weak light and is therefore suitable for map-reading or signalling when you are close to the enemy betray /b tre/ verb 1.

2. ˽ in block capitals written entirely in capital letters ć this form should be completed in block capitals capitalism / k pt(ə)lz(ə)m/ noun an economic system involving investment and profit-making by private individuals. Compare communism capitalist / k pt(ə)lst/ adjective favouring capitalism í noun someone who favours capitalism capital punishment / k pt(ə)l p nʃmən(ə)t/ noun the execution of a convicted criminal capitulate /kə ptjυlet/ verb to stop fighting and acknowledge the supremacy of an enemy.

BLU-82 / bi el ju eti tu / noun a BLU-82 bomb which explodes just above ground level and is mainly designed to clear trees and vegetation for a helicopter landing zone. Also called daisy-cutter blue /blu / noun ˽ blue forces friendly forces blue COMMENT: The positions of friendly forces are usually marked on a map in blue, while those of the enemy are marked in red. Blue Berets / blu berez/ plural noun soldiers of a United Nations force. Compare Green Berets, red berets blue on blue / blu ɒn blu / noun same as friendly fire bluey / blu / noun an air-mail letter ć Blue Berets blue on blue bluey He was writing a bluey.

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