Demon Hunter's Handbook (d20 System) by Patrick Younts

By Patrick Younts

No crusade subject is extra gripping than a conflict opposed to the minions of hell! This jam-packed sourcebook brings to the desk every little thing you will want to run a myth crusade established round demon hunters. From puritanical holy males combating for his or her gods to crazed warriors just one step clear of damnation themselves, each vintage archetype is roofed -- with new ones brought in addition. The instruction manual focuses not just on new sessions, races, and feats, but in addition covers how one can tailor the prevailing d20 canon to a demon-hunter subject matter. It comprises ideas for ownership and exorcism, corporations either natural and demonic, and guidance for growing really villainous demons to seek. This e-book makes use of the 3.5 version of the d20 principles set, and is absolutely suitable with the world’s most well-liked function taking part in video game.

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Areas of natural growth which are destroyed by the casting need not be connected to one another. In addition to caster level restrictions to damage, the amount of damage which can be inflicted is limited by available natural growth; if 50 feet of natural growth is all that is available within the spell’s range, then nature’s retribution can inflict a maximum of 5d8 points of damage. Creatures of the plant type are not effected by the destructive properties of this spell. Sense Fiends Divination Level: Pal 1/Rng 1 Components: V, S, DF Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: 60 ft.

Each day, the possessing spirit can attempt to force the victim to perform some action of its desiring, typically something which would debase the victim or result in blasphemy of some sort; at this level of possession, the victim cannot be forced to do something which is immediately lethal to itself or to someone else but there is otherwise no restriction as to what the possessing spirit can force its victim to do, subject to the limits of the victim’s capabilities. The victim is allowed another Will save against the same DC; if the check succeeds then the victim has resisted the urge but if it succeeds, the victim succumbs and performs the act.

Righteousness Domain Spells 1) Remove fear 2) Spiritual weapon 3) Rage 4) Divine power 5) Righteous might 6) Hero’s feast 7) Holy aura 8) Iron body 9) Miracle New Demon Hunter Spells Demon hunters are men of faith and magic commanding potent prayers and sorceries in the battle against all demonkind. The following new spells are intended for use by demon hunter characters, and give them both thematically appropriate spells and powerful weapons to use against the endless hordes of the lower planes.

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