Deck plans by Robert J Beckstrom; Ortho Books

By Robert J Beckstrom; Ortho Books

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Stair Detail 1 Y2" overhang o· o· 2x4 cleat 56 Make the treads for this stairway with two 2 by 6s separated by a 2 by 2. The nosings should overhang by 1 1/2 inches. The top step is actually a continuation of the lowe r d eck's decking boards. You will find it easie r to install the treads afte r the siding is in place. Leave a 1/4-inc h gap between the end of each tread and the siding for air circulation and moisture control. Railing Detail 1x4--I::-- Sheet metal flashing or building paper 2x4 Railings and Skirts This plan uses solid railings tha t match the house siding .

Carriage bolts with nuts and washers 10 3fa"x6" carriage bolts with nuts and washers 2 'j,"x I I " carriage bolts with nuts and washers 2x8s 39 Decking 2x6s 18 12' lengths; Stair Treads 2x6s 4 10' lengths (lor 5 ste ps) 2x2s 2 10' lengths (lor 5 steps) Joist hangers Railing and Skirts Nails 20 20' lengths (310 sq It) (68 lineal leet) Frame 2x4s 27 8' lengths; 1 16' length; 5 10' lengths; 2 20' lengths Cap rail 2x6s 1 8' length; I 12' length; 3 10' lengths; 1 20' length Siding Sheathing and/or siding material to cover 700 sq It (460 on outside 01 deck, 2 10 on inside 01 railings + 5 % waste) Trim lx4s Moisture membrane 68 lineal leet 01sheet metal cap or 6" wide 30# lelt 5# 17# 2 8' lengths; 2 12' lengths; 2 12' leng ths; 6 10' lengths; 2 20' lengths joist hanger 12d HDG common 15# 16d HDG common Nails lor siding and/or sheathing, depending on material used 53 PLAN 9 Ne xt, erect all the rest of the posts and hold them in plumb position with temporary diagonal bracing.

1 12' Section 1~ ~~W~"r------nr--------------------rn~'lr-\~ls= ~pl ~~~ 1~~~+6_"______~__~ _______~1. ~ ~~ __te~ Depth varies with local codes - -- Layout and Footings Because the footings are set in from the perimeter, you can center the piers under the beams instead of setting the m flush with the edges. All piers should b e level with one anothe r, because the beams rest directly on the m. Beams and Decking Use pressure-treated or othe r decayresistant lumbe r for the beams. Run the decking ove r their tops and nail.

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