Costume of the lower orders of London by Thomas Lord Busby

By Thomas Lord Busby

Костюмы жителе низших слоёв общества Лондона

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Just how deep feelings ran may be seen from the Yamshel Shlomoh itself. R. Solomon combats at length, and with all his characteristic power, the acceptance of suicide as a legitimate alternative to baptism and then concludes by stating that it is permissible to set one's house on fire, engulfing both oneself and one's family in the flames, in order to avoid baptism. RELIGIOUS LAW AND CHANGE 211 Whathad takenplacewasthat law and logic had led mento an emotionally intolerable conclusion, one which denied their deepest feelings and, more significantly, their deepest religious intuitions, and so the law was reinterpreted.

This is a point which cannot be overemphasized. The geonim did revise extensively commercial law. No such rule obtains in the area of ritual law, and minhag can never cancel out an unquestionable issur. It is in this area that the communal self-image must arise, systematically raising common practice to the level of a quasi-text, and thus allowing its integration into the halakhic process. 10. YiShak Baer, A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, vol. 1 (Philadelphia, 1966), pp. 236-261 and passim.

17v). A more accurate gauge would be to say that it is wholly absent in the HTR genre, found in one contaminated text of the HTRB group, and in two of the three MSS of the IT genre. On this classification and for the list of MSS, see Ivan Marcus, "Hasidei Ashkenaz Private Penitentials: An Introduction and Descriptive Catalogue of Their Manuscripts and Early Editions," in Studies in Jewish Mysticism, ed. , 1982), pp. 57-83. The text of MS Vatican Heb. 183 was published in typescript by Yosef Hacker, Be'ayot Nivharot beHeqer YahadutAshkenaz, vol.

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