College writing: from paragraph to essay by Dorothy E. Zemach, Lisa A. Rumisek

By Dorothy E. Zemach, Lisa A. Rumisek

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Supplement, Leiden, 1982. GAL: C. Brockelmann. Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur, Leiden, 1937-49. GAS: F. Sezgin, Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums. Leiden, 1967. SEI: Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam. Leiden, 1953. WKAS: Wörterbuch der klassischen arabischen Sprache. Wiesbaden, 1970. Page xi Translator's Foreword In this volume al-Tabari chronicles the first nine years of the Marwanid restoration, the period following the final defeat and death of `Abdallah b. al-Zubayr in Mecca and the reunification of the Islamic polity under his opponent, the caliph `Abd al-Malik.

Al-Hakam was `Abd al-Malik's paternal uncle.  `Ammar b.  I see heads ripe and ready for harvest, and blood ready to flow between turbans and beards! 58 The time for attack has come, so drive hard, war, to whom night has brought a violent driver. (Footnote continued from previous page) Mas`udi place al-Hajjaj at `Abd al-Malik's court in Damascus at the time of his appointment.  264 (877); see Sezgin, GAS, I, 345. Harura.  Safwat, Jamharat rasa'il al-`arab (Cairo, 1937), I, 274; Périer, Vie d'al-Hadjdjadj, 70ff.

Yazid. Al-Tabari slows his narrative to give a full account of the saga of Shabib, who, with only a few hundred men, roamed through Iraq with impunity, and even entered al-Kufah twice. Every commander sent out against him was defeated or killed, as Shabib pursued his guerrilla tactics, until al-Hajjaj finally turned the tide by himself taking the field and defeating him before al-Kufah; as Shabib's forces retreated, their leader was thrown by his horse from a bridge and drowned. Quoting participants from both sides of this conflict, al-Tabari here offers, in reminiscence and anecdote, a vivid picture of life on campaign in Iraq at this time.

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