Collected mathematical papers by Cayley A.

By Cayley A.

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The Mathematics of Paul Erdos II (Algorithms and Combinatorics 14)

This can be the main finished survey of the mathematical lifetime of the mythical Paul Erd? s, probably the most flexible and prolific mathematicians of our time. For the 1st time, the entire major parts of Erd? s' examine are lined in one venture. due to overwhelming reaction from the mathematical group, the venture now occupies over 900 pages, prepared into volumes.

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2) Prove that L(E, E )∇ can be identified with the subsheaf of the sheaf H omOM (E , E ) consisting of the homomorphisms which commute to the action of ∇ and ∇ (we also say that they are morphisms of bundles with connection), or also which send E ∇ in E ∇ . 12 Exercise. c, show that, if ∇ is integrable, then so is its pullback by f on the manifold M . 13 Corollary (Analytic extension). The homomorphisms of bundles with connection satisfy the principle of analytic extension: if V ⊂ U is the inclusion of connected open sets of M which induces an isomorphism between the fundamental groups of V and U , and if ϕ : E|V → E|V is a homomorphism of bundles with connection, then ϕ can be extended in a unique way as a homomorphism of bundles with connection E|U → E|U .

We will say that E is a logarithmic lattice of the meromorphic bundle with connection (M , ∇) if 1 log Z ⊗ E ∇(E ) ⊂ ΩM OM and more generally that it is a lattice of order r if 1 ∇(E ) ⊂ ΩM (r + 1) log Z ⊗ E OM and of order r if moreover it does not have order r − 1 (logarithmic = order 0). Therefore, E is a logarithmic lattice if, in any local basis of E , the connection matrix of ∇ has forms with logarithmic poles along Z as entries. 2 Exercise (Behaviour of the order by operations on lattices).

If E is a bundle, one sets E (kZ) = E ⊗OM OM (kZ) and one defines similarly E (k1 Z1 + · · · + kp Zp ). 3 Definition (Meromorphic bundles, lattices). A meromorphic bundle on M with poles along Z is a locally free sheaf of OM (∗Z)-modules of finite rank. A lattice of this meromorphic bundle is a locally free OM -submodule of this meromorphic bundle, which has the same rank. In particular, a lattice E of a meromorphic bundle M coincides with M when restricted to M Z. Moreover, we have M = OM (∗Z) ⊗ E .

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