Clinical Respiratory Physiology by Luke Harris (Auth.)

By Luke Harris (Auth.)

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3. Plethysmograph method. This is the method of choice for research purposes. The plethysmographic method for total lung capacity has already been mentioned (see Chapter 2). Alveolar pressures are obtained from pressure changes in the box, airflow from a pneumotachograph. It requires the patient to pant rapidly and shallowly and that the expiratory flow rate be kept at about 0-5 litres per sec or less. 38 AIRWAY RESISTANCE 39 It can be related to the lung volume (simultaneous) = Vh X RAW) at which the measurement is made = specific resistance.

ASTRUP INTERPOLATION TECHNIQUE FOR Pco 2 This depends on the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation: P H=pK+log10 [ H C C V ] [H2C03] [HGO3-] 6·ι + l o g 1 0 0-03 x Pco 2 The relationship between pH and Pco 2 can therefore be plotted on semi-log paper. The procedure consists of (1) measure pH of unknown sample (2) tonometer sample with low Pco 2 gas and measure pH (3) tonometer sample with high Pco 2 gas and measure pH. - pH at high Pcoz pH of sample as taken pH at low Pcoj 44 CLINICAL RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY The P c o 2 and pH of the tonometered samples are plotted and joined by a straight line.

57 58 CLINICAL RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY The best tests of cardiorespiratory function during exercise are: 1. Oxygen ventilation equivalent (Ϋ^ΙΫο2) as this relates ventilation directly to energy expenditure (whereas other indices of excessive ventilation are either unrelated to work done ('excess exercise ventilation5, 'Standardized Ventilation') or related to the work load ('ventilatory response to exercise5) rather than energy expended and all require measurement of resting YE which can be greatly influenced by such factors as nervousness about procedure, unfamiliarity with mouthpiece and noseclip, etc.

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