Charlotte Brontë by Pauline Nestor (auth.)

By Pauline Nestor (auth.)

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Habits of personification, reminiscent of her childhood favourite Bunyan, enable her to externalise and visualise psychological states. In this way physical states powerfully suggest their psychological correlatives with, for example, confinement signalling oppression or hunger underscoring deprivation. In all, then, Charlotte Bronte's novels offer not just a thematic exploration of the necessary union of thought and feeling but an experience of that union as her poetic prose ensures that the reader is both intellectually and emotionally engaged.

On the contrary, he swayed me to and fro; so I grappled him round the waist. It was dark; the street lonely and lampless. We had then a tug for it; and after we had both rolled on the pavement, and with difficulty picked ourselves up, we agreed to walk on more soberly. (215) More importantly in terms of the overall achievement of the novel, Charlotte fails to offer any real understanding of her male protagonist's behaviour, where she so clearly has the opportunities to do so. Vagaries of temper which seem acceptable when viewed externally, as in the case of M.

He offers his male pupils 'but one alternative - 44 CHARLOTTE BRONTE submission and acknowledgment of error, or ignominious expulsion' (56) and he uses humiliation as his most powerful disciplinary weapon with his female pupils. " I disregarded her appeal, and, carelessly leaning back in my chair, glancing from time to time with a nonchalant air out of the window, I dictated a little faster' (108). Crimsworth is no wicked usurper of power. The privileges he enjoys are no more than those conceived of by his society as his masculine birthright.

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