Candide (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Voltaire

By Voltaire

This version is written in English. even if, there's a working Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of Candide. This version will be worthy if you want to

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28 Candide CHAPTER IX WHAT HAPPENED TO CUNEGONDE, CANDIDE, THE GRAND INQUISITOR, AND THE JEWS This%same Issachar was the most choleric little Hebrew that had ever been in Israel since the captivity of Babylon. "What", said he, "thou Galilean slut? " In uttering these words, he drew out a long poniard, which he always carried about him, and never dreaming that his adversary had any arms, he attacked him most furiously; but our honest Westphalian had received from the old woman a handsome sword with the suit of clothes.

I should never have even mentioned the latter to you, had you not a little piqued me on the head of sufferings; and if it were not customary to tell stories on board a ship in order to pass away the time. "In short, my dear miss, I have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the world, therefore take my advice: divert yourself, and prevail upon each Korean abhorrence: 혐오, 몹시 싫은, 싫은, 전환을 시키다, 다른 대상을 향하게 아주 싫은 것, 질색인 것. 하다. assuring: 보증하는, 확인하는, 확신을 hug: 껴안다, 접근하여 지나다, 꼭 주는. 껴안음, 고집하다, 끌어안기, 포옹, caress: 애무, 애무하다, 친절히 품다, 닿을 듯이 하여 나아가다, 꼭 대하다, 어루만지듯 닿다, 쓰다듬다, 껴안다, 접근해서 나아가다.

The man applied the same balsam as they do to children after circumcision. We were all ready to give up the ghost. "The Janissaries had scarcely time to finish the repast with which we had supplied them, when the Russians attacked the place by means of flat-bottomed boats, and not a single janissary escaped. The Russians paid no regard to the condition we were in; but there are French surgeons in all parts of the world, and one of them took us under his care, and cured us. I shall never forget, while I Korean balsam: 진통제, 봉선화, 방향수지, 발삼, 봉숭아, 위안물, 발삼 수지.

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