Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem by Gene Likens, F.Herbert Bormann

By Gene Likens, F.Herbert Bormann

Once we initially released Biogeochemistry of a Forested surroundings in 1977, the Hubbard Brook atmosphere research (HBES) have been in life for 14 years, and we integrated facts via 1974, or a biogeo­ chemical checklist of eleven years. Now our non-stop, long term biogeo­ chemical files conceal greater than 31 years, and there were many alterations. the main amazing swap, despite the fact that, is that 3 of our coauthors at the unique quantity are actually deceased. they're deeply overlooked in such a lot of methods. regardless of the longer documents, assorted developments, and new insights, we think that the elemental techniques and ways we offered in 1977 characterize the main worthy contribution of the unique variation. they're nonetheless legitimate and important, quite for an introductory learn of, or direction in, biogeochemistry. Our target during this revision is to maintain those fea­ tures, right mistakes, and revise or cast off deceptive or ambiguous temporary information (11 years!), whereas keeping nearly the unique size and the modest fee.

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Weighted monthly hydrogen ion concentration and pH for precipitation and streamflow for Watershed 6 of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest during 1965-1974. The vertical lines for each month represent one standard deviation. From Hornbeck et al. (1976). I I WINTER , . PRECIPI;rATION ~ 60 SUMMER I I I I I Streamflow FIGURE 14. General relationships for two seasonal periods at Hubbard Brook. The values are hydrogen ion concentrations in JiEq/liter. Modified from Hornbeck et al. (1976). Precipitation Chemistry 43 or nitrification.

Annual inputs reflect these changes in complex ways. 1 >. c ......... 8 ~ Q. 6 Input (equivalents x 10 3jha-yr) FIGURE 11. Relationship between the annual hydrogen ion input and the annual nitrate input during the period 1964-1965 to 1973-1974. 631, where Y is annual input of hydrogen ion in 103 Eq/ha . yr and x is annual nitrate input in 103 Eq/ha . 01). From Likens et al. (1976b). 40 3. c .. ,. 50 :J W C ;§ 20 10 O~L- _ _L -_ _L -_ _L -_ _L -_ _L -_ _L -_ _L -_ _ 1964-65 65-66 66-67 67-68 68-69 69-70 70-71 71-72 L-~~ 72-73 73-74 Year 12.

72 1963-1974 1963-1974 1963-1974 1963-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1964-1974 1967-1974 1963-1974 aAs determined by regression analysis when Y = ax + b, where Y = input in kg of dissolved substances/ha or cm of water per unit area, a = slope, x = water-year (x, = 1963-1964, x, = 1964-1965, ... , x" = 1973-1974) and b = Y intercept. 01. 05. 38 3. " ':5? 9 o - Ul c:: ~ CI> CI> 01_ o >" ~ "0 . 8 Or~ __ L - - L__L - - L__L - - L__L - - L__L - - L_ _ 1964-65 66-67 68-69 70-71 72-73 Year 10. Annual hydrogen ion and precipitation input for the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.

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