Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Half-Breeds (Races of by Owen K. C. Stephens

By Owen K. C. Stephens

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Behavioural changes may occur in an individual horse due to direct acute pain, chronic or sub-clinical pain, or through conditioned responses from the previous experience of pain. Veterinary examination is therefore essential before ‘behavioural problems’ in horses are treated, as active sources of pain must be identified and treated before the horse can be taught anything different about the predictive stimuli for that pain. It is important to consider that the painful response may not be present in the standing horse, and the history of the problem is likely to give clues as to the context in which the painful response is present.

It is also likely that domestic horse welfare could be improved by meeting the need to perform highly motivated behaviour identified from studies of feral and free-ranging horses. 18. B. (1980) The Role of the Horse in Man’s Culture. A. Allen, London, UK. Berger, J. (1986) Horses of the Great Basin. Chicago University Press, USA. Burton, D. (1992) The Effects of Parasitic Nematode Infection on Body Condition of New Forest Ponies. PhD Thesis, Department of Biology, University of Southampton. L. (1997) Visual and Tactile Communication in the Domestic Cat (Felis silvestris catus) and Undomesticated Small Felids.

As they generalise their communication to include us, they also react to our body language whether this is intentional on our part or not. Body outlines are very important in equine communication. High rounded outlines indicate excitement and low straight outlines are associated with relaxation (Rees 1993). Interestingly these outlines also have a psychological effect on humans and the way horses and humans are portrayed in art. Kings or Emperors were often pictured mounted on horses displaying high rounded outlines, whilst people of a more lowly disposition are usually mounted on horses displaying a low outline.

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