B-1 Lancer in action by Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

By Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

Squadron sign ebook In motion Bone B-1 Lancer plane #179 #1179

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An inertial platform (as the measuring part of the assembly is known) is very largely self-correcting, and the systems in use in the airlines produce an average error rate of about one mile per hour of flight. So after a subsonic ocean crossing of, say, four hours, the probable error would be four miles. Inertial navigation is particularly suitable for supersonic flight, as speed does not affect the error, but the shorter flight-time curtails its growth. So, on a similar supersonic flight the probable error would therefore be two miles - good, but not quite good enough for Concorde's particular needs.

Sonic flying, has to nose up visor up ; The visor alone can be lowered (it slides down and forward into a recess in the nose), but this position except at a transit stop, when is seldom used, the windscreen needs cleaning. 48 Flying Concorde windscreen nose up, visor down Below 250 knots the angle of attack is beginning to increase about 7 degrees - and the aircraft is likely to be within the outer traffic pattern of an airfield. In the USA all aircraft below to 10,000 feet altitude are required to fly at 250 knots or less, as they are then in the area where light aircraft, moving at slower To provide vision along the nose is lowered to its 5 degrees position, giving a downward view of about 10 degrees.

Elevator, or pitch, trim is used aircraft, in response to aerodylift over the wing at different most often of the three, on all namic shifts in the pattern of speeds. Centre of Gravity and Fuel Transfer Any swept wing, designed to fly close to Mach 1, experiences changes in the pressure pattern over it. These always have the effect of moving the centre of lift rearward as speed increases. The Aeroplane 39 centre of lift Effect of increasing As Mach number is a tendency to pitch down, and on subsonic trimmed out by an upward deflection of the elemore usually, by moving the tailplane itself, as this a result there aircraft this vators, or, is causes less drag.

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