Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction to Clinical Management by Eric J. L. Griez (Editor), Carlo Faravelli (Editor), David

By Eric J. L. Griez (Editor), Carlo Faravelli (Editor), David Nutt (Editor), Joseph Zohar (Editor)

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At baseline the GAD subjects were significantly older, had a higher level of education and occupational class, earlier age of onset and longer illness duration. At follow-up, significantly more GAD patients continued to meet full criteria for the baseline disorder, and fewer were in partial or complete remission or had fluctuations. Although global severity, measured by clinical global impression (CGI), was less at baseline, at follow-up the improvement on the CGI was significantly less for the GAD patient compared with the panic disorder patients.

1987; Crowe, 1990). , 1998). Recent reports suggest an association between the 5-HTT polymorphism and anxiety-related traits, as measured by personality assessment. , 1996) produced negative results. , 1999) for this polymorphism. These results provide evidence that the genetic basis of panic disorder may be distinct from anxiety-related traits assessed by personality inventories in normal populations. There is also evidence for the role of the cholecystokinin (CCK) neurotransmitter system in the neurobiology of PD.

GRIEZ (b) re-experiencing; (c) avoidance of associated stimuli and numbing; and (d) increased arousal. Duration of symptoms should be at least one month (e); and (f ) distress or impairment in functioning is required (APA, 1994). When PTSD was first defined in DSM-III (APA, 1980), the original stressor criterion characterised traumatic experiences as being outside the range of human experience. However, when the prevalence of such events was systematically examined, it became apparent that trauma is surprisingly commonplace.

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