Analysis of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products by Karolin K. Kroening

By Karolin K. Kroening

This ebook describes nerve brokers and vesicants, their decomposition and their degradation items' chemistry in addition to their toxicity together with an inventory of detection recommendations of nerve brokers and their degradation items. This publication will current their background, toxicity, comparability among varied pattern practise equipment, separation recommendations, and detection equipment all jointly in a quick, effortless to learn e-book, tied jointly by means of a unmarried team doing the writing and the enhancing to guarantee gentle transition from bankruptcy to bankruptcy, with adequate Tables and literature references for the reader who seems to extra detail.The textual content will illustrate the pluses and minuses of many of the ideas with enough references for the reader to acquire broad aspect.

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This chapter and the Appendix provide a detailed description of the toxicity mechanism, exposure route, lethal dose limits and medical treatment procedures for organophosphorus nerve agents and exposure to these toxic chemicals. 1. 1 Toxicity values for organophosphorus nerve agents. Table taken from Reference [5] with permission from Environmental Health Perspectives Compound Tabun (GA) Sarin (GB) Cyclosarin (GF) Soman (GD) VX LD50 inhalation (mg per person) LCt50 skin (mg-min m−3 ) CAS number 1000 1700 30 50 10 200 100 Unknown 70 50 77-81-6 107-44-8 329-99-7 96-64-0 50782-69-9 TOXICITY OF DEGRADATION PRODUCTS 21 enzyme responsible for central and peripheral nervous system communication with organs [2, 6].

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Inhaled Phosgene Oxime is extremely irritating to the upper airways and causes pulmonary edema. 2 mg-min m−3 and becomes unbearable at 3 mg-min m−3 . The estimated LCt50 (the product of concentration times the time that it is lethal to 50% of the exposed population by inhalation) is 1500–2000 mg-min m−3 . Pain and local tissue destruction occur immediately on contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Phosgene Oxime is rapidly absorbed from the skin and eyes and may result in systemic toxicity.

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