An Outline of Geophysical-Chemical Problems (1920)(en)(10s) by Sosman R.B.

By Sosman R.B.

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If the container was fabricated from skins or woven parts). This would not be the case if the wort was transferred to another container for fermentation, where reduced temperatures would be in operation. g. an animal bladder or stomach), as the reduced temperature and likely lower viscosity of the liquid would not have encouraged swelling and selfsealing. It is highly likely that mashing and fermentation would have been carried out in the same “vessel”; something that we cannot envisage today, but a technique that was still being carried out by brewers in parts of northern Europe up until the early Middle Ages (Unger, 2001).

6. Such a problem does not arise with amylases from microbial sources. This means that saccharification and alcoholic fermentation can be carried out simultaneously in many artisanal brewing processes around the world, where starch breakdown is effected by enzymes from various moulds and bacteria. If two “vessels” were used, then it would make sense for the one in which mashing took place to have a wide mouth (to facilitate stirring), and the one accommodating fermentation to have a narrow neck (to exclude as much air as possible and encourage anaerobic conditions).

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