An Introduction to Mathematics by Alfred North Whitehead

By Alfred North Whitehead

This unique little booklet bargains a brisk advent to a chain of mathematical recommendations, a heritage in their improvement, and a concise precis of ways latest reader might use them

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Standard • knows approximate size of basic standard units and relationships between them Grades 3–5 Sample Lesson Vocabulary Words inch ruler measure foot yard stick length Procedure Differentiation suggestions for this strategy are provided on page 31. 1. The vocabulary words above have been paired. 2. Write the word pairs on the board or overhead. Distribute copies of Alike and Different (page 35) to students and have them record each word pair on the activity sheet. 3. Read the first pair of words aloud (inch and foot).

7. When the Math Hunt items are due, have teams organize their items by the word they represent. 8. Allow time for each group to share one item for each word on the list. Then, total the points for each team. The winning team gets to create a classroom display featuring the vocabulary words and the items it collected. ) Standards • understands basic characteristics of measures of central tendency, frequency, and distribution • reads and interprets data in charts, tables, and plots Secondary Sample Lesson Vocabulary Words bar graph mean line graph median data mode circle graph range pictograph analyze Procedure Differentiation suggestions for this strategy are provided on page 42.

Encourage students to discuss if and why the content under their flaps is different than their partners’. ) Standards • solves linear equations and simple inequalities • understands that a variable can be used in many ways • knows that an expression is a mathematical statement using numbers and symbols to represent relationships and real-world situations Secondary Sample Lesson Vocabulary Words linear equation linear inequality variable Procedure Differentiation suggestions for this strategy are provided on page 59.

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