Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy by Richard F. Lockey, F. Lockey Richard, Samuel C. Bukantz,

By Richard F. Lockey, F. Lockey Richard, Samuel C. Bukantz, Jean Bousquet

Enlarged to explain greater than a decade of advances within the immunotherapy of allergic illnesses and bronchial asthma, this 3rd version comprises the newest stories at the mechanisms, manufacture, and standardization of varied allergen teams and their usage within the remedy of allergic diseases—containing eight new chapters detailing a number of pharmacoeconomic, regulatory, production, management, and issues of safety bearing on new and rising immunotherapy ideas.

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These results suggested that a similar injection technique might successfully desensitize the presumed human counterpart disorders of asthma and hay fever. Investigational pursuit of active immunization for hay fever was soon begun in the laboratories of the Inoculation Department at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. ” Wright’s enthusiasm was reflected in his frequent prediction that “the physician of the future may yet become an immunisator” (28). Noon (Fig. ” To accomplish active immunization, he initiated clinical trials in 1910 with a series of subcutaneous injections of dosages of pollen extracts calculated on a pollen-derived weight basis (Noon unit), and thus introduced preseasonal immunotherapy.

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