A Canonical Compatible Metric for Geometric Structures on by Lauret J.

By Lauret J.

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For some ϕ = (ϕ1 , ϕ2 ) ∈ GL(n1 ) × GL(n2 ), then it is easy to see that jμ (Z ) = ϕ1 jμ ϕ2t Z ϕ1t , ∀Z ∈ n2 . Acknowledgements I wish to express my gratitude to the whole Yale University Math Department for its hospitality during the academic years 2002/03. References 1. Apostolov, V. : The Riemannian Goldberg-Sachs theorem, Int. J. Math. 8 (1997), 421–439. 2. , Tricerri F. : Generalized Heisenberg groups and Damek-Ricci harmonic spaces, Lect. Notes in Math, 1598 (1995) Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg.

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